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Q. The patients usually present with fever and cough and flu like symptoms. Runny nose is part of the flue like symptoms so having a runny nose does not exclude it. That said, if the child only has a runny nose then it is almost certainly not covid19

Please call CHEMED to see if your clinical presentation would be appropriate for testing.

Q. Hi. I don’t know of any person I had been exposed to that tested positive for the virus. But I feel feverish and have a slight cough and some headaches. Is that a reason to get tested?

Not at this point. It sounds like you need to stay home and see if this develops further or passes. I would suggest taking your temperature and seeing if you develop a more consistent cough.

Q. I dont think I was next to someone that have it I was only from shul to home to shul. I'm developing a cough from the last Sunday and from Monday night I fell I have little fever and little pain by my trough. Do I have to get tested?

With the current limited supplies for testing it does not sound like you have any history of a possible contact with someone with covid19. That said if your fever persist with a cough you need to be evaluated by your doctor.

Q. I have been having a cough for 4 days. light chest and back pain, and headaches But no fever, should I come to be tested?

The question here would be – is there any history of contact with anyone who has corona virus? The lack of fever certainly would point towards other diagnoses.

Q. My husband has increased saliva, feels a need to keep that a Corona symptom? Also I feel pain in chest when taking a deep breath...are any of these symptoms of the virus?

With the covid 19 infection spreading rapidly within the world and it occupying much discussion among people, there will be a tendency for many people to associate a multiplicity of symptoms with a possible corona virus infection. A common question we need to ask ourselves is did I possibly have contact with someone with covid19. The next question is do I have fever, cough, runny nose.

Q. my little brother has severe asthma. Is there a way to test if I am a carrier of COVD-19 before I go home and come in contact with him? I do not have any symptoms as of now.

You certainly need to be concerned about your brother as sever asthma is a known risk factor. That said, there is no reason to believe that you have COVID19 if you have had no contact and have no symptoms.

Q. My husband has been sleep deprived and he’s stressed. Two weeks ago he got sick with a fever and cold because of stress and lack of sleep. Now he feels a tad feverish and he had a slight cold and slight cough. He wasn’t in contact with anyone with corona and he didn’t travel out of Lakewood. Should I be worried that it’s corona?

It sounds like the first thing that your husband needs is a few good nights of sleep. It does not sound like he has a coronavirus infection. If he develops a real fever and the cough persists, then please have him go to his doctor to be evaluated.

Q. I am a hair & wig stylist working from my home salon. I noticed that some wig stylist are notifying their clients that they’re not working on people’s heads just having them drop off their wigs and pick it up when it’s ready. I’d like to know if I need to do the same so I don’t constantly have clients walking through my house or if I can continue working on their heads. I just want to do my part of keeping my family and clients healthy and safe so please respond as soon as possible.

I think this is a wonderful way to limit unnecessary contact with your client and thereby decreasing any risk to your client or yourself. This also allows you to continue servicing them.

Q. Wondering if anyone in lakewood has the testing kids for testing. Thanks!

CHEMED has limited testing available. We are hoping to get more supplies soon.

Q. Hi my wife and I, together with our 2 kids (ages 3 and 1), are arriving from Israel on Tuesday. How should we proceed with regards to visiting people/quarantine/testing?

If you have had no contact with anyone with the covid-19 infection, and you are all feeling well then there is no need for concern.

Q. I developed a cough about 3 days ago with no fever. As far as I know I have not been in contact with anyone that recently traveled or testes positive to the virus. Do I need to get tested or be concerned? Can one have the virus with a cough and no fever?

While it is possible to have the virus with a cough and no fever it is not the more common presentation. Patients tend to present with fever, cough, runny nose, joint pains or some combination of these symptoms much like the flu. In your case where you had no exposure and the symptoms are not typical I would not suspect a COVID19 infection

Q. Is mild chest pain a symptom of corona? is slight throat irritation a symptom?

Mild chest pain is not typically a symptom of coronavirus. A sore throat could be one of the symptoms but more typically it will include fever, cough, runny nose.

Q. As far as I know I was not directly exposed to anybody with Coronavirus, however I likely was in the presence of others who were indirectly or directly exposed (IE I was at a West Hempstead wedding which likely had people who had attended the shul where a person was diagnosed). Is it prudent to isolate or get tested or should I continue on as normal? If I do develop a cold or runny nose should I then get tested?

As long as you have not had direct contact with a coronavirus positive patient, and you are feeling well with no symptom, you do not need to do anything. If one of the people that were in contact with the coronavirus positive patient also developed symptoms and tested positive, and you were in contact with that person- then you would need to quarantine yourself for 14 days. If during the 14 days you developed symptoms, then you would need to be examined and tested. If you simply developed symptoms such as a cold and runny nose without any of the above, then there would be no reason to suspect COVID-19 and you should treat it as any other cold and to go to your physician as needed.

Q. Should I call my primary care provider if I develop cold/flu symptoms?

No – If you have had no exposure to someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, no travel exposure and your symptoms are mild and not of the sort that would  prompt you to call your primary care provider normally, than there is no reason to call now. However, if you have had exposure or recently traveled, call your primary care provider even if your symptoms are mild. They will ask you the right questions to let you know what your next steps should be. Do not just come into your provider’s office.

Q. How can I keep myself safe from exposure to COVID-19?

The best way to keep yourself safe from all respiratory viruses is to be sure to stay away from people who are sick, wash your hands frequently - especially after touching public surfaces and using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Keep a distance from anyone exhibiting signs of illness.

Q. I visit my elderly parents. Do I need to be concerned that I will make them ill as I may be carrying the coronavirus without knowing?

At this time, We would recommend to take the side of caution and dont visit unless absolutely necessary.

Q. How do I keep a balance of not panicking, but taking appropriate preventive steps?

Make sure that your source of information is a reputable health care professional. Do not allow “the word on the street” to guide your perspective. There are always communicable diseases in our environment, and we can always get sick - just follow the recommended infection control practices and do the best you can to stay calm. Contact your primary care provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Q. Do you think I should not attend any public events?

Until such time that the Department of Health mandates the cessation of public events you can attend public events, although a best practice would be to limit your potential exposure which includes staying away from public events. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness you should definitely not attend a public event.

Q. Different members of my family have been sick for the past week with a sore throat and some with fever and some not. It last for about 2 -3 days and goes away. No one developed a recurring cough at any time. we have not had contact with anyone known to have covid-19 . Should we be concerned that its possibly covid-19?

If no one in your family has had contact with someone with COVID-19 infection and there is no travel history and no contact with communities like New Rochelle, then there is no reason to suspect COVID-19. We are still in the midst of a significant cold and flu season which is more common. In light of the sore throats you may want to exclude a streptococcus infection.

Q. I have had a bad cold last 3 days. I was not exposed to anyone with the virus or been out of NJ in last 2 weeks. Can I be tested for the virus?

At the present time testing is limited to anyone with symptoms and a travel history or history of exposure. There is an exception for epidemiological concerns in a suspected case. Your case would not qualify for testing. The best suggestion is to treat this as a common cold.

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